New World Guide: How To Complete The Dagger In The Mist Quest?

  • When we enter New World, we need to complete various tasks to continue to grow stronger in this game. There are many tasks in this game, many of which are very difficult. At this time we need some relevant guides, according to these guides, we will more easily complete various tasks. The following guide shows you how to complete Dagger in the Mist.

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    Stiletto in the Mist is a degree 12 quest in New World. Gertie Lother duties you along with browsing the Wrecks of the Grey Mist and also the Dagger for jars of wine.

    Dagger in the Mist Quest in New World

    You are going to require to take a trip to Monarch's Bluffs and also see 2 various websites. The first is The Grey Mist. Beyond the shipwreck, you are going to locate supply accumulations and also stores. Look at these supply locations till you grab the Wine of the Grey Mist. There are Turncoat adversaries not far away that may strike you while you are discovering the location. You can either try to disregard them as well as proceed with the journey or defeat them just before robbery the supply stacks. Continue exploring the supply caches up until you get three bottles of Grey Mist Wine.

    The Dagger

    The Dagger can be found to the north of Monarch's Bluffs-- it is a little a walk, though. Once you get there, you'll hammer out the turncoat yachters while searching for source caches and chests. You may need to open up a handful to locate the glass of wine, but after you've obtained 3 bottles it is time to carry on to The Grey Mist.

    The Grey Mist

    Once you've finished at The Dagger, The Grey Mist is not far off. All you need to do is walk to the east of the Dagger and you'll find your way to the shipwreck. You'll repeat the same process as you did for the Dagger, fighting off enemies and searching through caches and chests, this time looking for four bottles of wine.

    After you've looted both shipwrecks, you'll return to Geertie Lother to receive a reward of 790 XP, 73.5 Gold, Level 12 - Tier 2 Armor Case, and 250 Territory Standing.

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