How To Upgrade The Logging Level In New World?

  • Petrified wood is a secondary wood type, an extremely rare resource that can be used to craft the best New World weapons. So New World players need to collect a lot of wood, this is what we can speed up the process by increasing the wood cutting speed and logging yield.

    There are two ways to increase your logging luck - craft an axe with your logging luck Perk, or eat food that increases your logging luck for some time.

    How can I improve my luck by crafting?

    Earlier, engineering level 0 required crafting the Iron Lumber Axe, which provided a single Perk Slot. If you have Starmetal Lumberjack's Charm, you can quickly add logging luck to the axe, or you can roll the dice and spend 15 Azoth to try and get the logging luck perk. As your engineering skills improve, you'll be able to craft better axes with more extra sockets.

    How can I boost my luck from food?

    To make sure your logging luck is as high as possible, you will also need to craft logging lucky food. 5 logging luck recipes can improve your logging luck:

    • Cooking Level 10 (Tier 1 Kitchen)
    • Cooking Level 20 (Tier 2 Kitchen)
    • Cooking Level 30 (Tier 3 Kitchen)
    • Cooking Level 40 (Tier 4 Kitchen)
    • Cooking Level 60 (Tier 5 Kitchen)

    When we improve logging luck, we can quickly get a lot of wood in New World, and then we can make a lot of props.

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