Amazon Will Merge More New World Servers

  • In the three months after New World was released, too many players were lost, which led to a significant reduction in the number of players in many servers. This situation seriously affects the player's gaming experience, and they cannot find enough teammates or enemies. To solve this problem, Amazon plans to merge many New World servers. Let’s introduce Amazon’s plan to merge New World servers.

    At the beginning of this month, Amazon has carried out a server merger. This merger has alleviated the problem of an insufficient number of servers to a certain extent. However, this does not completely solve the problem, because there are still many places where there are no consolidated servers.

    The world mergers impact gamers in four actual areas, US East, United States West, Australia, as well as Central Europe, with New World's web servers quickly going offline on December 17 to support the modifications.

    On a distinct FAQ clarifying the approach responsible for planet mergers, New World's creator claims that "there are a few factors our company check out to identify if the world is actually harmful" and also seeking to merge right into yet another. These include "population size as well as overall interaction".

    Nevertheless, it is the good news is certainly not an instance of only combining worlds randomly together. Amazon includes that it compares "existing worlds worldwide set to locate the absolute most ideal partner world through contrasting elements like intrigue, gameplay type, as well as a foreign language."

    After a planet has been moved, players coming from the relocated world are going to still keep all their in-game products and also development. Nevertheless, any region gains produced in the authentic world will be dropped, as the new host's condition of control will remain in location.

    The current collection of world mergers is the second in simply a month for New World. On December 9, a lot more Central Europe servers and also several in South America were affected.

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