Why select splendor invariably lace the front wigs?

  • Natural

    Lace the front wigs are crafted by way of experts, every strand of the hair is knotted  with the aid of hand


    The ear to ear insurance flawlessly aligns the hair vendors, making it remarkable herbal like your personal hair



    At the front, facet and back, there is a clip, so you can repair the wig on your head secure and safe.



    It is handy to take off when you sleep in the course of nighttime, convenient to lay it down, can be put on rapidly.



    Ultra-thin, soft, breathable sense so a whole lot cleaner. Antibacterial, breathable, UV protection.


    How to measure your head for a lace the front bob wig?

    There had been six measurements for wigs measurement you want to take:


    First: Circumference


    The circumference is a way round your hairline, please wrap your hairline upon your ear, and tight your dimension which feels comfortable. There you will get the size, and take a look at it. Generally, 21 inch to 23 inch is a country wide standard, there is a strap on the wig you can alter the dimension from 21 inch to 23 inch. If you have a different size, smaller or larger, you want to inform the wig makers earlier than you vicinity an order.


    Second: Front to nape


    Use the size from the center of your forehead, come throughout the pinnacle of your head, then to the bottom. If you can’t function it well, you can locate any individual does it for you and receives the proper size.


    Third: Ear to ear throughout forehead


    From ear to ear, throughout your forehead. For lace the front wigs, the measurement ought to be 13inch normally, extraordinary wig wholesale makes use of one of a kind size, some use 13*4 inch lace frontal, some use 13*6 inch lace closure, if you choose the hairline of your pre-plucked wig long, you can pick out 13*6 inch lace closure.


    Forth: Ear to ear pinnacle head


    From ear to ear, throughout your pinnacle head. Please maintain straight with your ear and the pinnacle head. This step decides how deep of the wig cap.


    Fifth: temple to temple spherical back


    From temple to temple, throughout the returned of your head. Keep Horizontal line with your ear.


    Last: nape of the neck


    At the backside of your neck hairline, measuring the size.


    Please test this chart as following, we will supply you a tenet about measuring for wigs step by using step.


    How to pass off a lace the front bob wig?

    Lace the front wigs can remaining about 4-6 weeks on your head after the hair desires to take care of it, you need to take away it carefully. Use a distinctive adhesive remover for lace the front wigs. Apply sufficient to soften the glue, and slowly take the wig off. If you experience any resistance, observe extra remover and wait various minutes earlier than making an attempt again.


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