The treatment of Erectile Dysfunction begins with talking about

  • When you are facing Erectile Dysfunction, it would be beneficial to accept it rather than neglect the obvious. Ed is something that affects both your and your partner’s lives. It sure might be awkward to talk about, but you have to get over your awkwardness and talk things out.

    Sit with your partner, relax, and try to make yourself comfortable.

    There are a few things you and your partner both have to keep in mind:

    Do not blame: Remember it is not your fault; there is no one to blame. ED is not a disease; rather, it is a medical condition that affects more than half of all men at some point in their lives. It is getting more and more common with aging.

    It’s curable: ED is not a disease, it’s a common issue most men face at some point in their lives; it commonly affects men after the age of 40, but men below the age of 40 can face it as well.

    Psychological or Physical: The reason, why you are facing ED could be either physical or psychological. First you need to figure out if the cause is related to your physical health or if it depends on psychological factors like stress, depression, or anxiety. After that, you can consult a healthcare expert, i.e., either a counsellor or a doctor.