Should I use a wireless impact wrench or a pneumatic impact wre


    For all tire replacement experts, completing tasks quickly is undoubtedly their focus, especially when tires need to be replaced on the road. One of the most important considerations is to use tire impact wrench to perform tasks.

    In recent years, the tire factory's business has developed rapidly. Nowadays, the tire business is increasingly developing beyond the traditional tire factory model. We can see that many new services have emerged, such as providing road assistance or providing tire replacement services at customer convenience locations (such as customers' homes). With the rise of these new services, operators have specific needs for tire changing tools and equipment.

    In the past, pneumatic tools were favored by the tire changing industry due to their design and performance enhancements, and they were the tools of choice for operators. But cordless power tools are becoming more and more popular, especially for applications that require high mobility. If each solution has advantages and disadvantages, then each tool has its own particularities.

    Advantages of electric wireless impact wrench:

    Electric cordless tools have many advantages and are favored by operators, and are usually a common solution for mobile tire change experts. Indeed, tool manufacturers have developed high-performance cordless electric impact wrenches that can work anytime and anywhere, and its free movement characteristics are highly praised. Mobility is undoubtedly the main advantage of this technology, especially suitable for mobile technicians, because they sometimes need to work far away from the work site or under harsh conditions. In these cases, a long running time is required, and the new lithium-ion battery equipped with this tool can meet this requirement (up to 6 Ah / 9 Ah).

    Even though the wireless impact wrench is still heavier than similar pneumatic tools, its design is ergonomic and can provide operators with better comfort. And the new tool is equipped with outstanding new features, such as the option of preventing over-tightening or non-impact tightening.

    It is worth noting that if wireless power is no longer questioned by people, this technology still depends on (and always will) battery power. Dear wireless tool users: Please remember to check the power of your tool and be prepared at any time.

    Advantages of pneumatic impact wrench:

    On the other hand, many impact wrench users, including mobile "veterans" still use pneumatic tools. Compared with cordless tools, in addition to lower prices, pneumatic tools have a major advantage of their high power-to-weight ratio, with an average weight of 4.4 lbs (approximately 2kg, aimed at ordinary high-performance and durable composite impact wrenches) . At the end of a day's work, it will definitely make you feel special.

    In addition, it is also important to consider the conditions of use of the tool. In some cases, usually outside the workshop, bad weather conditions (severe cold, rainy days, etc.) may cause damage to wireless tools, but pneumatic impact wrenches can withstand such environments and are more durable. Pneumatic tools are praised for their better compactness (the same tool can be used for different applications) and low vibration during use.

    No matter which tool you choose, don't forget to equip a torque wrench to tighten the tires properly.

    For tire changing applications, the best choice is a wireless electric wrench or a pneumatic impact wrench, which mainly depends on the workplace, and the choice of workshop or mobile operation will be different. Even if these two options are suitable, operators who prefer light tools will prefer pneumatic tools, while for mechanics who require high freedom of movement, they will choose wireless impact tools. Pneumatic and wireless impact wrenches are a good partner for your daily tire changes. According to your specific needs, these two tools can complement each other.