Diablo 2 Resurrected: A guide to locating magic in the game

  • Experienced Diablo players have always placed a high value on maximizing the amount and quality of loot they can obtain while on raids and other runs. An extremely important stat that can significantly improve the quality of loot you find is Magic find (abbreviated MF for short). We'll go over the ins and outs of the Magic Find stat in Diablo 2 resurrected items, so that you can make the most of and stack all of your MF bonuses as effectively as possible.

    What exactly is Magic Find?

    Quite simply, Magic Find (also known as MF) is a percentage bonus to finding magical items that is granted by specific equipment.

    You have a greater chance of finding more magical, rare, set, or unique items among your loot drops if your percentage is higher than a certain threshold.

    Please keep in mind that this percentage increase does not increase the amount of loot you receive; rather, it improves the quality of the loot you receive.

    If you were already planning on receiving 5 drops, this will have no effect on the amount of drops you receive. MF will simply improve the quality of those drops based on the percentage of Magic Find points you have.

    What Effect Does Magic Find Have on Loot?

    As previously stated, Magic Find will allow you to receive more magical loot drops as a result of your search. However, this does not imply that you will automatically receive higher-level items or greater quantities of Elite or Exceptional items. As an alternative, it implies that whatever drops you do obtain will be magical or of superior quality.

    The use of MF will not increase your chances of finding items; instead, it will improve the quality of the items you do find in Diablo 2 Resurrected in the long run.

    How to increase the effectiveness of Magic Find

    Perfect Topaz Gems can be used to increase Magic Find in Diablo 2 Resurrection by socketing them into a helm or armor. A 3-socket helm and 4-socket armor can increase MF by 168% when worn together.

    Other items, through the bonuses they provide, can naturally provide a small percentage of Magic Find percentage.

    Players who do not rely on equipment for offense (such as casters) can afford to socket large amounts of MF into their weapons and armor to maximize their offensive potential.

    Barbarians can also gain more MF because their skills provide them with more resistance bonuses and hit points than other classes. They have less reliance on their equipment for survival, allowing them to devote more resources to MF.

    What should be noted is that while you can go absolutely crazy with magic find percentages, the benefits will diminish over time as your character may be forced to make trade-offs in terms of speed or potential DPS, resulting in each magic find taking longer to complete than the previous one.

    In practice, this means that the number of magical drops that correspond to your increased percentage will begin to decrease (although it will continue to increase, albeit not at the rate you would expect).

    What is and isn't affected by Magic Find can be found here.

    As you are already aware, MF has nothing to do with the appearance of elite items or the appearance of more item drops in general. It will increase the likelihood of discovering more specific, one-of-a-kind, and rare magical items.

    Another type of item that MF will not assist you in obtaining, aside from the ones mentioned above, is more of a specialized type of item such as exceptional items. It will not result in you receiving any additional charms or jewel drops. The jewel that is dropped, on the other hand, will be more rare than magical.

    It does not increase the likelihood of discovering one-of-a-kind rings and amulets, but it does increase the likelihood that they will be better than magical. Rune drops are unaffected by Magic Find in any way.