The necessary activities that is necessary for the brain develo

  • Did you ever think of your child’s brain development?

    The most crucial years in the child’s brain development are the first five years of his life. And if in this early years they would be given proper training and guidance, it would be beneficial for children and their parents as well.

    The awareness level of every child is different and proper care must be given to body movements of every single child. The physical activities are very necessary for the physical and mental health of a child. First of all the it must be recognize  that in which activity the children is good and then other learning prospects related to childcare should be considered.

    The ultimate objective of any Childcare Early learning Centre is to boosting child’s physical balance and strength. After that they have to work on sharpening their mental and emotional faculties which must be developed in children after completing first activity.

    There are various stages in the development phase of a child and every stage requires a different Kids Learning education. The various stages in child phase can be categorized in:

    ·         Nursery 6 weeks to 15 months
    ·         Toddlers 12 months to 2 years
    ·         Junior kindy 2 years to 3 years
    ·         Senior kindy 2 1/2 years to 4 years
    ·         Kindergarten 4 years to 5 years
    ·         Before school care
    ·         After school care
    ·         Vacation care


    The task seems to be easy but it is not.  A detailed analysis must be prepared before giving training to child. A best Early Learning Centre always follows the principle of faith in child. They must have all unique abilities that are required for the development of a child. They must have a different set of activities and modules like Games for toddlers, Yoga for kids, a good communication network, Music for kids and a better working environment.



    There have been tones of research done on different types of movement games that have been seen to aid in self-regulation. These games are very important at boosting stamina and resistance. There may be different modules of games for various early learning centers. The most useful and challenging Brain games are Sudoku, Color code Master mind and guess the code, Memory, Brain fitness, Simply smarter kids, Puzzle, word hunt, Maze, Hide and Seek, New Languages, Musical numbers. But one thing you should always remember while playing with our child to be participant, and always be patient.

    Yoga for Kids

    Yoga is another exercise that has been seen to help the child maintain balance from repetitive carrying out of the poses. The different poses of yoga enhances physical flexibility of child and also helpful in the mindfulness of child. The movement games and the yoga have been observed to bring about positive patterning that achieves many goals.

    As successful as they have been, research has not ceased on finding other methods to increase fitness. Researchers believe that there are yet so many other things to be tried that will have a positive impact on these children's development.


    Different music genres are being looked into as they have been noticed to boost the children's balance by rhythmic stimulation. These genres of music are coupled with fluid motion exercises and the results so far have been to increase the child's coordination and balance. Musical instruments in childhood can actually accelerate brain development. It helps to improve in the area of Language acquisition and reading Skills.

    Reading and Writing

    Give your child a head start in reading and writing by using alphabet stamps to teach your kid the letters of the alphabet and words by making it a fun activity such as craft time. The more time he devoted to reading and writing the more he will be able to do communicate properly.

    It is requirement of time that our future generations should be educated and inculcated effectively so that they may be the best decision maker of our county.