The Relationship Between Plastic Laminated Padlock Grade And Pr

  • The price of plastic laminated padlock is graded, and the prices of different materials and different purchase channels are also different. For example, the price of lock cylinders purchased online is relatively cheaper. If you do it yourself, you will save a lot of money. The current lock cylinder price is generally between 80-400 yuan, and individual grades of high-end high-quality lock cylinders are above 500 yuan, and the labor cost is about 50-200 yuan. Therefore, if you want to change the lock cylinder yourself, the price is about 100 yuan, which is very cost-effective. (The price is for reference only) The current lock cylinders on the market are divided into three levels, and their security levels from low to high are A-B-Super B, which can be preliminarily distinguished from the key. The key of the A-level lock cylinder There is only one row of tooth grooves on each side, and there are two rows of tooth grooves on both sides of the B-level lock cylinder. The cogging of Super B grade is completely different from A and B grades. Do not use super B-grade lock cylinder. The marble is a blade, and the key slot is usually one or more serpentine slots. The anti-theft door lock core adopts a number of anti-theft technologies, a variety of special-shaped anti-pull bullets, preventing technical opening, and a unique marble and blade structure design, which has a high security performance for technology opening. The waterproof laminated padlock uses a variety of combinations of marbles of different shapes, up to billions of key numbers can be programmed to achieve zero mutual opening (16 million).