Amazon Game Studios is improving New World

  • Amazon’s fantasy MMO New World had a hard start because it struggled with bugs, robots, and loopholes. The situation has stabilized, or at least not been as bad as before. Many players will still New World Coins Buy to improve their abilities in the game. Although the number of players is far below the level at the time of release, it is still worthy of respect.

    Amazon Game Studios stated live games are their "top priority". When problems that affect players occur, they will try their best to respond and repair them actively. This also stimulated players' urge to buy New World Gold. Fortunately, this did not hinder the development of new content too much.

    The first task at this stage is to ensure that New World is the “best experience”, rather than launching new content, so Amazon has increased testing resources and launched a public testing server. The goal of Amazon Game Studios is to provide an excellent experience for each player. As a team, they do a better job of patching and testing every day. Players will pay for their attitude, so more players will spend New World Gold to trade items on the trading post.

    Amazon Game Studios is also working hard to improve endgame activities in the new world, and new early and mid-term game content for single players is also under development. There are many possibilities for New World’s other futures, such as expanding the scale of the game world, allowing over one account per server, and launching new servers, even though it is "foreseeable" in particular. Smaller adjustments are also being made, such as a recent change that allows players to run faster on the road, which reduces New World Gold that players spend on fast travel.

    Amazon Game Studios also recently launched a new seasonal event at PTR, Winter Fusion. Many players have already experienced this winter feast.