A complete guide to hostile races in New World

  • New World shares many details with other MMOs, such as crafting options and various weapons and armors. The game also differentiates itself in unique ways that gamers rarely see, such as excluding race selection from the game.

    New World does not have classes or racial choices. As time goes by, the profession of the character is determined by the weapons, fighting style and ability value chosen by the players, and players can buy New World Gold to get better weapons and upgrade their fighting abilities. All races are human or human variants. This includes aggressive enemies that attack the player when the player leaves the safety of the settlement. There are a variety of animals that do not roam freely in the wild, and it helps to know where to find them and how to kill them.

    Enemies consume life and endurance, and have elemental damage such as frost and electricity. Players can spend New World Coins to upgrade to treasure skills and make a lost coating, which can apply to a character’s weapon to provide them with damage bonuses and lost guard potions to improve damage absorption when fighting with enemies.

    Since everyone starts on the beach as a shipwreck survivor, the first enemy the player will face after reaching Aeternum will be Drowned Lost. They are often low-level enemies designed for novice players. Ghost pirates wandering on the rocky coast and skeleton fishers wandering in the swamp are some examples. The character’s first set of equipment and weapon choices usually depends on whatever they pick from the drowned person on their way to the nearest settlement. As the game progresses, the more advanced equipment you need to spend Amazon New World Coins to get.

    For novice players and old players, New World Gold is equally important. Players rely on them to upgrade and enhance character abilities. So players in need can buy New World Gold at IGGM.