Functions And Maintenance of Security Golf Cart Overview

  • Security golf cart is area motors developed for golf courses. The auto has a low site, handy up and down, small turning radius, bendy operation and vacuum large tire, composite the front suspension system, outstanding shock absorption performance, clean driving, relaxed driving; the rear suspension adopts metal plate spring shock absorption with excessive rebound, excessive bearing plate spring design, the automobile load overall performance is superior, easy and bumpy force is small, journey comfortable.


    Security golf cart can be divided into two seats, four seats, 6 seats, 8 seats and different types, commonly the use of a battery drive, with a velocity of 18-24 km / h. Electric sightseeing bus has sturdy mountain climbing ability, generally≥ 15%, this characteristic is handy on the golf course, free driving, a charging completion can pressure about eighty kilometers.


    Security golf cart additionally regarded as electric golf cart, are environmentally pleasant passenger automobiles designed for golf publications which are extensively utilized into all special locations such as esorts, villas, backyard hotels, traveler points of interest and different places.

    Excellent automobile performance, novel look design, relaxed and secure ride, from golf courses, villas, hotels, colleges to personal users, will be the most handy short-distance transportation. A participant can force a safety golf cart on the direction except wanting a driver's license, however solely if you should recognize the fundamental experience of using on the area to power except detrimental the pitch turf nor offending different players. Drive at a steady pace to keep away from increased noise. When driving, caring lots about different gamers round you is important.


    Once you locate that anybody is prepared to hit, you have to quit till he hits earlier than driving. Due to the specific seasons and the route conditions, the ball will enforce unique safety golf cart using rules, two most common: first, safety golf carts are solely confined in the lane. The rule applies to wet and softer courts with the goal to keep away from injury to the fairway turf.


    Second, the 90-degree rule. The rule requires mini electric golf cart to power notably in the lane, after achieving a stage with the drop point, flip ninety stages right, pressure throughout the lane without delay to the position, and hit the ball to power returned into the lane and pass forward. The 90-degree rule approves gamers to pressure to the pitch and minimally harm the fairway. It need to be saved in idea that golf carts, hand-pull carts are strictly prohibited from riding (pushing) the top inexperienced and serve areas in any case on any course, in any other case inflicting serious harm to the route and is inexcusable. There are generally symptoms on the pitch for the golf cart to power and park, and gamers ought to strictly comply with it.

    The Maintenance Method of Security Golf Cart :
    1. The tire strain is insufficient, which will expand the friction between the tire and the avenue floor to shorten the continuation mileage. When the air strain is insufficient, the air stress is insufficient.

    2. When the automobile manage rotation is no longer flexible, and there is a jam, stress factor or tightening point, it must be lubricated or adjusted in time.Use butter, calcium or lithium-based grease; loosen the the front fork lock mom first and rotate the the front fork gear. When the manage rotation flexibility meets the requirements, lock the the front fork lock mother.

    3. The rotation flexibility of the the front and rear wheels is now not good, which will extend the rotation friction, make bigger the strength consumption, and accordingly minimize the continuation mileage. Therefore, in case of failure, there need to be well timed lubrication and maintenance, and lubrication will commonly use butter, calcium-based or lithium-based grease.

    4. When checking the circuit, flip on the strength switch, test whether or not the circuit is smooth, whether or not the plug connector is company and reliable, and whether or not the insurance plan pipe’s operation is normal, particularly the battery output teminal’s connection to the cable is association and correct. Any fault determined must be eradicated in time.

    5. Adjust the guidance wheel the front harness of the low speed electric vehicle, and recognize it by means of altering the size of the steerage horizontal pull lever. Horizontal pull rod elongation, the front beam fee increases; horizontal pull rod shortens, and the front beam cost decreases. Loose the locking bolts at the ends of the bar and flip the bar to elongate or shorten. After adjusting properly, tighten the locking bolts for the joints at each ends of the horizontal bar.