Taste the best kebabs from around the world

  • For centuries, people have been cooking food on skewers over an open fire. While cooking food over flames, the meat and the veggies are neatly arranged on the skewers making them easy to grill and cook.  This makes it more fun to eat. Kebab or ‘kebap’ has Urdu, Turkish and Persian origins. Derived from the Arabic term, Kebab, it means roasted meat. It is grilled on a skewer on an open fire, a technique that has been popular with the Middle East and that which has become popular in the world.

    Here is a comprehensive list of the best kebabs from around the world:

    • India- If you will find this melt-in-your-mouth delicacy almost everywhere in India. But the city of Lucknow rules over the other Indian states when it comes to this delicacy.
    • Indonesia- Another country that has given its flavour to this delectable dish
    • Turkey- Most famous for the culinary export of this dish. In almost every region in Turkey, you will find an incarnation of Kebab, with different cooking methods while the ingredients remain the same
    • Greece- Now this is one country where you will find the taste quite different where simple flavours of oregano, lemon, and garlic complement the kebab quite tastefully. ‘Gyros’ is one version of this Mediterranean dish, and another popular dish being ‘souvlaki’
    • South Africa- Life here can’t do without ‘braai’ and hence your taste buds will never be satiated and will keep yearning for more.

    The whole world has been experimenting with different types of kebabs, the process remains the same, with a twist in the ingredients. Let’s tempt you more with every popular Best Kebabs From Around The World skewered

    • Turkish ground lamb kebabs
    • Grilled chicken tikka kebabs
    • Paneer tikka kebabs
    • Lamb seekh kebabs
    • Grilled swordfish kebabs (Machli Kebabs)
    • Grilled marinated lamb kebabs
    • Galilee-style grilled fish kebabs
    • PescadoEmbarazado (Grilled Fish Skewers)
    • Chinese Chile and cumin lamb kebabs
    • Pineapple and pork Teriyaki Skewers

    So if you are tempted enough, then it is time to get indulgent!