What Makes Golden Teacher Mushrooms So Unique?

  • The Golden Teacher Psilocybin first appeared in the 1980s. No one really knows where they came from. Some say they saw the Golden Teachers in Florida, while others claim they came from a farm in Georgia.

    All we really know for sure is that Golden Teacher's grew up alone in the wild before being first "discovered" and enjoyed by modern humans. It's quite possible that Teacher's was used by Native American tribes long before that.

    Identification of Gold Teacher
    Regardless of its origin, Golden Teacher's quickly became recognized as one of the best psychedelic gifts in nature. Golden Teachers were easily distinguishable from other psilocybin varieties. In most cases, it has the following characteristics:

    If CBD is the gateway to the world of cannabis and hemp, Golden Teachers is really the gateway to the "world of shroom." They are easy to grow, easy to administer, and easy to enjoy!

    Why is Golden Teacher growing easier than other stocks? Some of them are their structure-they are very durable and can grow in less than ideal conditions. Experienced growers report that they have obtained 4-6 flushes from golden teacher spores. This is a 4-6 harvest of premium textbook quality magic mushrooms.

    Even a complete beginner can probably get at least two good fertile flashes from this variety. Compared to other varieties, each flash produces a small amount of a very well-developed "mushroom".

    As their name suggests, Golden Teachers have clear educational qualities for them. You probably won't experience crazy images or existential crises ... but you will probably experience an influx of thoughts and perceptions that inspire you about yourself.

    The experience can be very surreal (in a good way!), As if directed by a wise old sage who has implanted himself in your consciousness. Try the teacher himself. It's easy to see why some people believe that magic mushrooms are sentient beings.

    If you're ready to experience psilocybin for the first time, just look for the type of golden teacher. And while this stock is fairly mild, I still want to start conservatively. Here are some general dosing guidelines:

    Golden teachers are milder than some other strains, but last for some time. Teachers usually start within 20 minutes and take an average of 3-5 hours. Taking heroic doses can bring you up to 6 hours of insightful goodness. At these ultra-high doses, visual changes and synesthesia begin to occur more frequently. Still, there's nothing scary about the teacher's tour. The experience is deeply healed, almost regardless of dose.

    Thanks to the milder heights they promote, Golden Teacher allows you to continue to function even at medium to high doses. You can enjoy nature, play with friends and watch your favorite movies. Do not drive a car.

    And then there is the diary topic. Here are some tips we've learned in a difficult way: make sure you have your pen and paper handy while traveling. It is not uncommon to experience an influx of knowledge that is difficult to keep up with. From time to time, this knowledge can be quite apparent, as if the door to heaven had opened in your mind.