• Yoga is continuing to become one of the most widely accepted practices that more and more people worldwide are taking up as an active part of their daily lifestyles to maintain both their physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga is a group of practices, practices that are beneficial, helpful and mind-enriching, originated in India or the Indian subcontinent.

    On the surface, it may look that it is just a bunch of different postures that are found to have therapeutic effects, but yoga and meditation have much more depth to them. Both mental and physical health can be improved by practicing yoga. Yogic postures or the ‘asanas’, meditation and breathing techniques or the ‘pranayam’ are the limbs of yoga that help one to get in the best of mental and physical conditions.

    Yogic postures or the ‘asanas’, meditation and breathing techniques or the ‘pranayam’ are the limbs of yoga that help one to get in the best of mental and physical conditions.

    The asanas are found to have therapeutic effects, and they form a key ingredient if one is looking to have a healthy body. Most asanas are different poses that engage different parts of the body. These parts may be the internal organs, joints, different muscles, tendons, etc. Different asanas increase mobility, strength and flexibility, and many of them are found beneficial in conditions like constipation, depression, anxiety, hypertension, asthma, COPD and back pain. Asanas also increase the overall strength and flexibility of the body, hence making it fitter. Ultimately, asanas help one to get a ‘balanced’ body.

    Here are some other general benefits of practicing yoga:

    Improved flexibility is one of the first and obvious benefits of practicing yoga. And not just flexibility, yoga also helps to improve muscle strength. The balance of improved muscle strength and increased flexibility is beneficial in a number of conditions, and this is rather difficult to attain through other forms of exercise.

    A good posture is of paramount importance that it may seem. It helps boost confidence, prevents untimely fatigue of back and neck muscles, and also ensures the proper functioning of the internal organs. A good posture is attained due to combined efforts, strength and flexibility of the spine. Various yogic asanas help improve the posture by strengthening the spine and increasing its flexibility.

    Practicing yoga can work remarkably when it comes to preventing diseases, including bone-related diseases. Practicing yogic postures regularly does effective work to prevent bone from weakening and helps to keep the structure of bone strong.

    4. OBESITY.
    Obesity is a serious health concern for people of all age groups, both men and women. Obesity may result in many other health problems like hormonal imbalance, hyperthyroid activity, kidney damage and diabetes, by increasing physical activities and controlling glandular functioning, yogic asana help to improve the overall health and functioning of the body.

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