Custom Reinforced Green Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarp


    custom outdoor pvc tent tarpaulin  is usually used outdoors. After wind and rain, it is easy to cause damage to the canvas. The fireproof canvas factory thinks that the maintenance of the canvas is very necessary. After the canvas is dirty, wash it and let it dry naturally. Avoid exposure to the sun and high-temperature baking, and avoid acid and alkaline corrosion solutions.
    Canvas factory
    The fire-resistant canvas factory reminds you not to be too violent when cleaning, and the line is broken while brushing. For white canvas, do not come in contact with items that are difficult to clean, such as carbon ink. After cleaning the canvas of this color, apply toothpaste or white chalk powder.
    Pay attention to the
    custom reinforced green heavy duty vinyl tarp to be even, and then let it dry to prevent discoloration. Or find two pieces of clean white paper and cover them, dry them, and tear them off. It can also prevent discoloration. The old coarse cloth is soft and comfortable, breathable, sweat-absorbing, warm in winter and cool in summer, not static, anti-radiation, and has a strong affinity with the skin. Because of its thick lines, deep texture, smoothness without wrinkles or curling, numerous natural massage points are formed on the entire fabric surface, which has no irritation to the skin, prevents mites and itching, regulates metabolism, improves sleep, and effectively protects against ultraviolet rays.