Introduction Of China Electric Scooters Suppliers Selection


    What to pay attention to when buying an electric scooter

    With the rapid development of technology today, the once simple traditional electric scooters have gradually evolved into a small and convenient transportation tool. Nowadays, various folding electric scooters are emerging in endlessly, but because the structure is almost basically the same, some friends don’t know how to choose Electric scooters, then how to choose electric scooters correctly? The following points are shared by China Electric Scooters Suppliers.

    1. Battery capacity

    Generally, the position where the battery is placed on the electric scooter is on the pedal, and the cruising range is exactly proportional to the battery capacity. Friends who want a longer battery life can choose an electric scooter with a larger battery capacity, which can run longer on a single charge. But large-capacity batteries will bring heavier weight, and everyone has to weigh it here. Sometimes you still have to carry the electric scooter by hand, it will be more troublesome if it is too heavy.


    2. Motor power

    Most of my friends think that the greater the motor power of an electric scooter, the better, but this is not the case. The power of an electric scooter is related to the wheel diameter and speed. The electric scooter motor will be wasted if it exceeds the high power, and it will not run when it is small. The matching of the motor power and the design of the electric scooter body is the most important.

    3. Wheel

    You may not pay too much attention to the wheels, but it is the wheels that affect the driving experience. The smaller the wheel, the more bumpy the electric scooter is. If the wheel is too small, some bumpy roads will numb the feet. Moreover, some manufacturers' electric scooters have small wheels and do not design shock absorbers.

    Then there is the design of the degree of tire friction, the friction of the driving wheel is large, and the friction of the driven wheel is small, which can increase the required endurance.

    4. Brake

    The main braking methods of electronic scooters are divided into the following types:

    Electronic brake: A more traditional braking method, which is more in line with human inertial operation. The power safety system will automatically cut off the power when braking.
    Rear wheel foot brake: used for emergency braking, when braking, the brake is physically applied. Disc brake: Disc brake, also known as disc brake, is composed of a brake disc connected to the wheel and a brake caliper on the edge of the disc.
    Disc brakes can be divided into mechanical disc brakes and hydraulic disc brakes. The working principle of the disc brake system is to install a disc that rotates synchronously with the wheel on the hub, and install a caliper on the front fork and the frame, and then clamp the disc through the brake block in the caliper to achieve the purpose of braking. .

    We recommend scooters with front and rear brakes. The dual brake system is safer. Most of China Snowboards Factory's electric scooters also use this design to increase safety.