Installation Introduction Of Agricultural Shade Plastic Net Man


        The installation necessity of Agricultural Shade Plastic Net Manufacturer Environmental Benefits The open stock yard does not adopt any wind and dust suppression measures, so it will be regarded as unorganized discharge by the environmental protection department. According to my country's relevant environmental protection regulations, a fee for excessive dust discharge will be charged. At the same time, the dust pollution of the coal yard will have a certain impact on the life, study, work and production of surrounding residents.

        After the completion of the flexible wind-proof and dust-suppressing net, dust pollution can be greatly reduced. The two-color net is to enhance the landscape effect of the surrounding area and meet the requirements of the environmental protection department. Field, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling dust pollution.


        Economic Benefits of Building Net Manufacturer The pollution production coefficient of open-air storage coal dust during the loading and unloading process is 3.53-6.41Kg/t coal/year (according to "Technical Guidelines for Verification of Pollutant Emissions in Certain Industries"). Based on the raw coal consumption of 500,000 tons per year, the pollution production coefficient takes the maximum value in the calculation process. After using the wind and dust suppression wall, the dust reduction rate is calculated at 80%, which can save 2,564 tons of coal each year. If the loss of pulverized coal caused by strong wind and dust is added, the overall prevention of coal loss will reach about 1%, which can save about 5,000 tons of coal each year.