Plastic Net Manufacturer Uses Plastic

  • The performance of plastic can be comparable to steel
    Olive Net Factory plastics are usually soft and brittle in people's eyes. Now, by adding some ore tailings, the performance of plastics can be comparable to steel. The era or future of plastic steel is coming.

    Nowadays, many sewage and rainwater pipes in municipal construction use plastic pipes. The cement pipes used in the past are not only bulky, but also the iron wires in the pipes are easy to rust; while the use of ordinary plastics is prone to ground subsidence caused by insufficient bearing capacity. However, the strength of the plastic modified by adding plastic additives is greatly improved, and it can reach twice the load-bearing capacity of ordinary plastics.

    The raw material of this plastic additive is ordinary slag. One ton of ore slag can only be sold for seven or eight yuan at most, and after being produced into plastic additives, one ton can be sold for four to five thousand yuan. Plastic additives are like the frame of a house. With the support of the frame, the house will be stronger. Not only that, because plastics are extracted from non-renewable resources such as petroleum, the use of plastic additives can reduce the use of plastics. At the same time, Plastic Net Manufacturer plastic additives use ore tailings as raw materials, turning waste into treasure while reducing resource consumption.

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