Explanation Of Plastic Net Manufacturer's Product Requirements


    Olive Net Factory's insect-proof net covering cultivation is a new practical and environmentally-friendly agricultural technology that increases production and builds artificial isolation barriers on the scaffolds to keep pests out of the net, cut off the propagation pathways of pests (adults), and effectively control all types The spread of pests, such as cabbage caterpillar, cabbage borer, diamondback moth, aphids, jumping beetle, beet armyworm, Liriomyza sativae, and Spodoptera litura, etc. and the prevention of the spread of virus diseases. Insect nets have the functions of light transmission, moderate shading, ventilation, etc., creating favorable conditions for crop growth, ensuring that the application of chemical pesticides in vegetable fields is greatly reduced, so that the output of crops is high-quality and hygienic, providing for the development and production of pollution-free green agricultural products A strong technical guarantee.

    Plastic Net Manufacturer's insect-proof net also has the function of resisting natural disasters such as storm, rain erosion and hail attack. Insect nets are widely used to isolate pollen in the production of vegetables, rapeseed, etc., to isolate the introduction of pollen, potatoes, flowers and other tissue cultures after detoxification and pollution-free vegetables, etc., and can also be used to prevent insects and disease in tobacco seedlings. It is the first choice for physical control of various crops and vegetable pests. Really let the majority of consumers eat "rest assured food", and contribute to my country's vegetable basket project.