10 Reasons Why Your Cat Isn't Using Their Litter Box And What Y

  • Sadly, one of the main reasons that cats are given away or abused is because they stop using their litter box. What's even sadder is that almost 100% of the time there is some underlying problem that is easily fixed if the owner would just take some time to understand why they are doing this.


    Other than a physical problem which requires immediate attention from your Vet your cat is usually trying to send a message to you. Cats are smart animals and even though they can't talk they often use other means to communicate with you and not using the litter box is one such method.


    10 reasons why your cat may not be using their litter box:


    1) Your cat is ill and needs to see the Vet - There can be many medical reasons kitty isn't using the litter box and only a Vet can make the correct diagnosis and treat your cat appropriately. If your cat is sick it is critical to get them medical help immediately.


    2) They have to share it with other cats - Experts agree that there should be one litter box per cat and some even recommend one extra box per household.


    3) Lack of privacy - Cats need privacy just like humans when going to the bathroom. Maybe a litter box with a hood can solve the problem.


    4) Using a different brand of cat litter - Your cat might need some adjustment time or simply does not like the new litter. An unscented clumping litter is usually the best type to use.


    5) The litter box is hard to get into or out of - You cat might be getting older and having some trouble entering and exiting or the box could be too small for your cat.


    6) The box has been moved recently - Once again your cat might need some time to adjust to the new location.


    7) Litter box needs cleaning - This is very subjective as each cat has their own idea as to what constitutes a clean litter box. Some will want their box cleaned daily while other cats prefer every couple of days. A self cleaning litter box might be a good option if you can afford it.


    8) Litter depth - Cat's get used to a certain depth of litter in their box with some liking a shallow layer of litter while others may prefer a deeper layer.


    9) Food and water positioned near the box - Cats do not like their food and water next to their toilet.


    10) Your cat is mad at you - If your cat is upset with you for some reason they will go to the bathroom in a place where you are guaranteed not to miss it. I have seen cats leave little presents in bathtubs and right inside the front door of an apartment.


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