UV flatbed printer that can print shoes, suitcases and masks

  • The uv flatbed printer realizes high-drop printing on shoes. In the past, uv flatbed printers could only print within five millimeters, while current uv flatbed printers can do 20 millimeters.
       Home improvement integrated wallboard uv flatbed printing effect, the new and popular home improvement personalized printing in recent years are all made using this machine.
    The uv flatbed printing system is mainly composed of image processing system, servo motor and control system, ink circuit negative pressure control system and UV curing equipment, suction vacuum platform, and cooling system. The main functions of each system are as follows:
      1. Image processing system: responsible for the editing, drawing, rip, etc. of patterns. Common softwares include photoshop, Montai, etc.;
      2. Servo motor and control system: control the movement of the trolley in the x, y, and z directions;
      3. Ink circuit negative pressure control system: responsible for the ink supply of uv ink and ensure normal ink transmission. The negative pressure system currently uses automatic negative pressure adjustment widely to avoid the unstable ink supply problem caused by manual price adjustment negative pressure.
      4, uv curing equipment: responsible for curing and drying of uv ink on the surface of the material, the mainstream is UV curing with led lamps, and a small amount of high temperature baking with mercury lamps.
      5. Suction vacuum platform: On the one hand, the substrate is placed, and on the other hand, the suction function can well fix the soft material to prevent it from lifting up and scratching the nozzle.
    6. Cooling system: used to heat the core components of the equipment to avoid rapid aging, performance degradation, and unstable operation caused by excessive temperature. The common ones are water-cooled circulation and air-cooled circulation.
    The emergence of high-drop inkjet printers meets the designer’s individual needs to a greater extent. Regardless of European, Chinese or other styles, they can be implemented in high-drop shoes, luggage, masks and other products. It can also print out personal photos or favorite patterns according to the specific requirements of customers. In terms of the characteristics of consumer demand, consumption levels continue to increase, and the demand for personalized products will also increase. This is a very large and potential market. However, whether it is mass production or customization, the focus is on the production level. How to successfully realize the sales and promotion of personalized products requires product design, product matching, market channel development, and supporting marketing methods to adapt to it.
    High-drop inkjet flatbed printers are a major trend in the industry and have attracted the attention of many individual consumers. However, industry insiders believe that high-drop inkjet flatbed printers still have a long way to go.
    The TUHUI brand took the lead in launching a 500mm high drop uv printer.