The reason why the price gap of wall printers in China is so bi

  • Since the wall printer machine was launched in 2010, it has gone through eight years of history. In these eight years, wall painting machine manufacturers have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. Large quantities of low-cost wall painting machines enter the market, attracting buyers to buy at low prices. Like the counterfeit machine market in the past, today’s wall printer market is flooded with poor-quality and cheap wall-painting machines, but the difference between wall-painting machines and general industrial products is that the wall-painting machines belong to Construction machinery factory products, this kind of products must pursue quality stability, safety and reliability, and after-sales service equipment maintenance must pass the customs.

    Why is the price of wall painting machines so different? Wall 3D printer machines are very practical. It has many advantages and is liked by many people, but its price is not fixed, but there is a big gap. The market price of wall painting machine is about 5000-10000 US dollars. The price is mainly determined by the size of the inkjet brush of the inkjet printer and the height of the internal configuration; the large size of the equipment is high in price; the internal configuration function will be less and the price is low, the printing accuracy is not enough, and the construction effect is not as good as the brand-produced machine.
    The price of wall painting machine is mainly divided into two levels:
    1. Semi-industrial grade wall painting machine, the price is between 9000-16000 US dollars, most of which are middle and low-end industrial sprinklers;  
    2. Industrial-grade wall-painting machine, the price is more than 50,000 US dollars, most of which are high-end industrial nozzles;
    In addition, there are other formats and configuration equipment, and the prices are different. When buying, you can decide the choice according to the comprehensive requirements of funds, material speed, accuracy, etc.​

    A well-reviewed brand by users represents an example of a company, and can also reflect the quality of factory products and product quality to a certain extent. When everyone mentions the Toyota Camry, they immediately think of a Toyota that doesn't drive badly. When everyone mentions a Range Rover, they think of a Land Rover that can't be repaired. The more companies that value brand reputation, the more they will work on the development of new products, and the more time-consuming companies, the more they will focus on the precipitation of factory products. When buying a wall printing machine, don’t choose the brand that just came out. This kind of brand is just like the copycat machine in the past. It will run away after making a wave of money from the buyer. It will not care about the subsequent after-sales maintenance, and the quality is also very poor. . Choosing the wall paint machine brand is to choose the brand for a long time, because the long time period of the brand indicates that the product has been tested by the market and buyers for a long time, and it is also a pioneer in the manufacturing industry.

    I think technology is a bit more difficult. Many people confuse their brains in the face of the dazzling application of technology from manufacturers. Some manufacturers perfunctorily call new and innocuous technologies a very powerful new technology, while the core technology is Pass by. For example, the ink temperature control is that the ink is not cold-proof, and an extra heat preservation box must be added to keep it warm. Another example is that the computer automatically jumps to white. In fact, the probability that the pattern appears white in use is less than 5%, which is not easy to use. The core technology of the wall painter: no computer, wireless operation, more than 8 hours of battery life, dual infrared sensors, micro-curved tracking, and detachable head.

    Many people have a concern before buying a wall painter. They worry that after they buy the machine, the manufacturer will upgrade the software and hardware configuration versions, and their own machinery and equipment will be one generation behind, and subsequent version upgrades will not be possible. Here we can select manufacturers with renewal service items, and upgrade the hardware configuration and computer software to ensure that the machine will not be replaced after ten years. If a manufacturer can propose a hardware upgrade, it means that the manufacturer is thinking about the customer and saving money for the customer, because the version upgrade hardware saves more money than buying a new machine. It can also be seen from this that the responsibility of a large enterprise is to select a manufacturer that supports subsequent hardware configuration version upgrades when purchasing a wall painting machine.