Advantages and future of the global UV printer market

  • Today's UV inkjet printer have obvious technical advantages. UV inkjet technology has been very mature. The obvious advantage is that it can be cured instantly, so that the subsequent processing process can start immediately without waiting for the ink to dry. This kind of flexible, durable and fast-drying ink can bring great convenience to users in many fields in terms of technology, economy and environmental protection.
    If low-migration ink products can be used correctly, all ink components will remain in the printing ink film. This ink is very suitable for the production of food and cigarettes and other product packaging that may contain contaminants.

    UV inkjet printing technology first attracted the attention of the field of visual communication, because it can carry out high-quality white and light fast printing, which is very suitable for outdoor display images. UV printed matter has strong light resistance and does not require additional coating and laminating processing, which can significantly reduce the production cost of printed products, and has better cost efficiency than solvent-based inkjet printing. Nevertheless, although the billboard field is still growing, under the background of the rapid growth of other UV inkjet printing products, the former's share in the entire UV inkjet printing market is declining.
    There are also companies on the market that have introduced low-migration ink products specifically for the printing of milk bottle caps, so that the ink will not penetrate to the substrate after curing, so that it will not affect the color after drying.
    Under normal circumstances, the image printed by UV inkjet is clearer than that printed by water-based or solvent-based ink, but at the same time it keeps the surface moist to improve the adhesion of the pigment, so the pros and cons should be measured by users according to their needs. .
    The volume of UV curing equipment is small, especially the LED system, which can help printing companies to save working space better. UV inkjet printing also has obvious environmental advantages in reducing volatile organic compounds. Among them, North America and Europe, which pay more attention to the environmental impact of the printing process, generally have a relatively high adoption rate of UV inkjet printing technology.

    UV inkjet has a more future
    The products that uv printers can print and the industries involved are very wide. When each industry releases demand, the entire market demand is very strong. The bottleneck for the development of this industry is very high, and therefore the potential is huge.
    UV inkjet printing technology is developing rapidly, from print heads to inks to equipment, everything is undergoing rapid changes. Higher resolution print heads, smaller ink droplets, and higher printing reliability are all driving the overall improvement of its printing quality.
    In 2022, the demand for UV inkjet printing will greatly increase, which will cause the unit cost of UV inkjet printing to drop sharply. With the passage of time, the uv market continues to mature and equipment and technology continue to innovate, and the overall UV inkjet printing The cost is bound to be lowered, and then the market will explode with greater energy.

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