There is no increase in the price, and the TUHUI UV tablet mach

  • What kind of equipment is worth buying? What kind of equipment should be selected for what kind of business? TUHUI handed over the answer sheet for us with one order after another.

    The speed is as high as 46 square meters per hour, and the high-speed printing is as stable as a rock

    High-speed and stable printing equipment is the cornerstone for advertising production companies to achieve batch orders, and the configuration determines whether the equipment can work efficiently and produce images stably. TUHUI hardware facilities refresh speed, stable peak value, and stable as a rock under high-speed printing.

    The TUHUI extreme high-speed UV 3220 flatbed printer adopts the Pengbai high-speed printing system, which is 10 times faster than the printing speed of conventional machines. "1 top 10", up to 46 square meters/hour, daily operation, one board per minute, it can be called advertisement Industry production tool!
    In order to solve the adverse effects of high-speed printing and high-speed inertia, and realize the perfect combination of speed and precision, the configuration of TUHUI Extreme High-speed UV3220 has been fully upgraded, and the stability configuration has been increased:
    Reinforced high-strength, high-stability beam: The beam after professional and special processing has further enhanced strength and greatly enhanced stability, with excellent quality of long service life and super stable printing effect.
    Y-axis synchronous dual motors: strong power, high-speed walking without losing steps, no jamming; the synchronization system ensures precise synchronization of the left and right screw rods, improves the printing accuracy of the machine's Y-axis direction, optimizes the Y-axis color registration, and avoids the appearance of UV patterns and screen effects Better quality.
    Selected high-quality parts at home and abroad: high-end guide rails, high-precision grinding screws, car heads and other components, 1U precision metal grating wire, standard German well-known drag chains, Japanese high-end brand sensors, imported power guarantees of 20,000-30,000 Hours, high-precision Shanghai board and Taiwan linear motor, to ensure that the machine 24 hours uninterrupted high-frequency printing.
    1mm small characters are clearly visible, ultra-high precision and silky

    Picture precision is the most direct manifestation of picture quality. Wan Lida knows this well and strictly controls the machine precision. The picture is delicate and the small 1mm characters are clearly visible.
    The extreme high-speed version UV 3220 is equipped with Ricoh G5/G6 print heads, taking into account speed and accuracy, 5pl ink drop size, 50Hz ignition frequency, and the printed image is comparable to the photo level.
    Using variable ink drop technology, the point accuracy is increased by 50%, and the latest cold light source technology is used, and the printed product will not produce a grainy feeling.
    The international high-end color management system is adopted to ensure the accurate color of each picture, and an independent ICC can be customized separately. Advanced color correction management system, true color reproduction, color output without deviation, what you see is what you get.
    Print on any flat media, super full application, as many as stars

    TUHUI extreme high-speed version UV3220 print format 3.2m×20m, can be printed on wood, acrylic, metal, glass, cloth, leather, ceramic tile, chevron board and other materials, suitable for wide-format product printing and small-format product mass production . The image is waterproof, sun-proof, wear-resistant, and does not fade. It is widely used in industries such as advertising, home improvement and building materials, textile printing, gift craft personality design, and is an indispensable weapon for business expansion!
    A variety of printing processes can meet the printing needs of relief, three-dimensional, partial varnish, etc., fully restore color consistency, make products more competitive, and help companies quickly seize the market.

    Color/white/varnish oil is sprayed at the same time without repeated overprinting;

    Easily realize the partial varnish effect and highlight the main body;
    Ink is output in white and color sequence simultaneously, and embossed or dark, transparent materials can be printed;

    Single-color printing can directly and efficiently perform photo-level color printing effects on suitable materials;

    White ink can print white on any material, especially suitable for dark materials.

    In addition, TUHUI also has supporting programs such as crystal label and placer gold.
    TUHUI will continue to study equipment and application solutions to solve user problems as its own responsibility, professional and dedicated. With digital inkjet technology as the core, high-speed, high-precision and high-stability uv printing equipment and complete uv printing application solutions are used to promote the acceleration of digital inkjet printing.