TUHUI brand uv flatbed printer is beautiful and able to print

  • "Supervisor, the customer said that the color of the material this time is different from that of the previous batch, and I returned it all today!"
    "Boss, the customer's order is half printed, the machine is broken, and the delivery time promised to the customer will be up soon, what should I do?"
    "The customer who followed up last time came to make a sample and felt that our machine could not keep up with the accuracy and speed, so there was no more information. What should I do?"

    The color of the machine is not stable, the same document, the color printed every few days will be different; the stability is poor, the machine will be disconnected at the critical moment, either this is the problem or that is the problem; the speed and accuracy can’t keep up, and high-end customers can’t get it. , And are often returned;
    For the manager of a printing and processing company, if your customers or employees often complain to you or complain about the above problems, do you have a headache? Not to mention the waste of manpower and material resources, it will also affect the loyalty of customers. I have worked hard to make samples, and the customers have also been lost.

    How to do?

    TUHUI brand high-end series uv flatbed printer can solve your problem!

    Only a high-quality print head can guarantee the final speed and quality of printing, which is the "soul" of a printer. TUHUI brand series TH-3220 uv flatbed printer can support up to 4 rows/Gen5/Gen6 print head configuration, with overwhelming advantages in speed, accuracy, and print head durability, and can provide high-end customers with high-quality printing services.
    Ricoh print heads are recognized as high-precision, high-speed, and high-stability industrial-grade print heads with a print head structure with stable emission performance and excellent ink resistance. It can stably print various industrial inks, and its nozzle structure has good durability. Variable ink drop printing is suitable for new applications that require richer grayscale performance and high-definition image quality.
    Perfectly integrated with TUHUI brand machines, coupled with an accurate color management system, it can support full-color printing, color-white-color printing, color-white printing, white-color printing, forward and reverse printing, bringing customers an upgrade experience at will.
    The printing effect of high-quality printheads can be brought to a better level, and the printing speed can reach up to 120 square meters per hour, allowing the advertising industry to witness the strength of high-precision and high-speed printing.

    TUHUI brand TH-3220 uv led printer multi-stage docking expansion platform, plate positioning system, printing plate. One machine meets the diversified needs of plate printing in the market and realizes the super-capacity required by customers. The maximum printing width is 3.2m/2.0m, which greatly increases the frequency of equipment use.
    It is suitable for printing on mobile phone shells, ceramic tiles, PVC acrylic, metal sheets, wood boards and other media, and the media conversion and adjustment are convenient, and the versatility is good. The machine's use of media is further expanded, and it is economical and efficient.

    It can be seen that the highly evolved performance of TUHUI's high-end product series TH-3220 UV flatbed printer is an indispensable factor for TUHUI to continue to sell well in the high-end market and gain more market share.
    Keep improving the details and guarantee the stability
    The TUHUI high-end series TH-3220uv flatbed printer combines speed, precision, ease of use, stability and highly automated properties to witness the new performance of printing.
    In terms of stability:

    ➤Using the overall steel frame design of heavy-duty machinery with high-strength multi-point support, to ensure that the machine has no mechanical vibration during high-speed operation, to ensure the accuracy of print output, and the machine to be durable.

    ➤High-strength beams, Japanese high-precision silent linear guides (dual guides) and Japanese Panasonic servo motors have comprehensively improved the stability and accuracy of the high-speed running of the trolley.

    ➤The blessing of imported core accessories greatly reduces the noise in the working state of the equipment and provides you with a quiet and comfortable working environment.
    On automation:

    ➤Dual partitions, intelligent constant pressure vacuum adsorption system, print size and thickness of different materials as you like!
    ➤Independent sub-ink tank constant temperature system, so that each color ink can get better fluency and improve the accuracy of printed images.
    ➤Customize the material library, change the material and quickly switch the printing parameters.
    Save ink, worry, cost, time, labor, and space. A must for high-end business advertising processing plants!
    About TUHUI

    The TUHUI brand belongs to the industry and has a very deep technical accumulation, and the technical achievements it has achieved are obvious to all.
    TUHUI products have a intensive global distribution network and professional after-sales service, and are exported to dozens of countries and regions around the world, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, India, and Egypt. The praise, has a high reputation in the industry.

    Is always shining gold. The reason why the TUHUI inkjet printing solution can capture the hearts of customers is that its "secret magic weapon" is to pay attention to the true needs of customers, and provide customers with high-quality products and service experience in all aspects of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales. , Strive for the best in every detail, let customers feel the charm of Liyu brand from the bottom of their hearts.

    Times are changing, and the global inkjet printing market is changing, and it is gradually moving from product-driven to a new era where user experience, service and brand comprehensively drive growth.

    No matter where the wheel of the times finally heads, the brand that always puts the "customer first" concept in place will have greater confidence and confidence. The TUHUI brand slogan is: TUHUI, drawing the color world

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