How to choose UV flatbed printer to create value?

  • Now the younger generation is paying more and more attention to personalization and making a difference! Young people nowadays are seeking to be different in clothes, mobile phones, mobile phone cases, earphones, cups, etc. With the exuberant demand for this kind of individualization, the personalized printing industry has also ushered in tremendous development. As a result, a lot of customized equipment has been derived!

    UV flatbed printer is one of the printing equipment of personality DIY. It can be used on a variety of objects such as mobile phone cases, ceramic tiles, canvas, jade, metal, clothes, glass, wine boxes, wine bottles, etc. It can quickly realize the needs of DIY personalized printing, which greatly meets the individual needs of young people. It has also been increasingly recognized by the market.
    I think you know about uv printers more or less, maybe you have questions, I am in the printing industry, and I also want to buy uv printers to expand my own business. How to choose a uv flatbed printer?
    Choosing a uv flatbed printer generally needs to start from the following points:
    A high-configuration UV flatbed printer comes from the strength of the manufacturer's brand. It can be compared in terms of company establishment time, scale, product history, R&D team, technical team and after-sales team, software and hardware, certificates, word of mouth, etc.
    It also depends on the performance of UV flatbed printer manufacturers equipment, mainly from the aspects of appearance, stability, speed, precision printing effect and price. The stability of the performance of UV flatbed printer equipment lies in the selection of nozzles, motors, boards, towline, timing belts, guide rails and lead screws. The hardened all-steel frame adopts gantry precision milling, undergoes aging stress relief treatment, and adopts triangular butt welding technology. The machine adopts an integral aviation alloy aluminum beam and imported guide rails to ensure the stability and durability of the whole machine.
    It also depends on whether the service system of UV flatbed printer manufacturers is perfect. The service system includes pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services. Whether you can see the effect of free proofing before sale, whether problems can be solved in time; whether you can provide equipment investment reference and site suggestion plan during the sale; whether the after-sales warranty is several years, whether the maintenance service can be considered in place and so on.
    After you understand everything, you can consider whether the price of the UV flatbed printer is appropriate. This device is not worth the investment. Consider your product's future positioning in the market as a low-end/mid-end/high-end product, depending on which one you want to choose This kind of UV led printer is suitable for you to meet your subsequent development needs!

    In addition to choosing a reliable printer with a reliable brand, the business needs to understand the daily maintenance of UV printers.
    1. Daily maintenance of the print head and check the status of the print head. Ensure that the nozzle is smooth in order to print high-quality patterns.
    2. Use lubricating grease to maintain the hardware parts of the machine, such as guide rails and slides.
    3. When maintaining the print head, keep in mind that no liquid is splashed on the print head circuit, otherwise it will cause the print head and circuit board to burn. UV printing breaks the limitations of traditional inkjet printing, and the three-dimensional effect is better. The picture is more gorgeous. At present, the UV machine is relatively mature, whether it is flat plate, coil, and flattening all-in-one machine, it is already one of the best, the price is affordable, and the quality is stable. Remember to choose a machine, to consider from several aspects: 1. The price of the machine. 2. Machine quality. 3. After-sales issues. 4. Factory strength.