Buy In Bulk From Onion Suppliers And Store Them Properly By Fol

  • Onions are the best friend of any kind of  culinary dish in any season.Keeping onions handy is a good idea, so buy them in bulk from reputed Onion Suppliers. But hold on! Are you getting sceptic of buying them in bulk because you are worried about the burdensome task of storing them? Do you think that it’s better to buy them in small quantity and re-order when you require it next? When you buy them in bulk, you can get the advantage of getting them at an affordable price. Do not worry about its storage because onions, if stored properly, can be used for more than a month. So, lets see the ways of storing different types of onion.

    Storage Method Of Onions

    Whole Onions: Storing whole onions is very easy but remember not to refrigerate them because it makes them  mushy and this makes it non-usable. So where to store them? In a cool, dark and well-ventilated room in a box having holes, or a mesh bag is also a good option and you are good to go for a month or more.

    Peeled Onions: Many people buy onion in bulk from Onion Suppliers and peels off all the onions and store in the refrigerator. This is not totally wrong but what extra thing one should do is, put the peeled onions in a air-tight glass container to keep them free of bacteria right technique but partially.

    Cooked Onions: It is believed when food is cooked and kept, it slows down the growth of bacteria. So, many people peels, cuts and fries the onion and keeps them in a simple container and put it in a place which is dark place. But, if kept in this way, the growth of bacteria cannot be controlled. The right process is to keep cooked onions in a refrigerator within a period of two hours of cooking them and  that too in an air-tight container. Use this cooked and stored onions within a maximum period of 3 to 5 days.

    Chopped Onions: Chopped onions should be consumed as early as possible. This is because, chopped onions are prone to oxidation, and due to this oxidation process, onions loose their vitamin content. So if you plan to buy onions from Onion Suppliers online in bulk, and store chopped onion, then keep them in an air-tight container in your refrigerator. This is the correct technique of storing chopped onions.

    While taking out onions from your refrigerator, if you see dark spots or notice any change in its colour or even get a pungent smell, throw them off and place a new order.