Introduction To The Use Of Manual Fertilizer Spreader


        The Electric fertilizer spreader consists of one planting unit, each of which is driven by its grounding wheels. Therefore, it can be used in conjunction with tractors of different sizes. The sugar beet transplanter is mainly composed of a feeder, a seedling guide tube, a seedling support device, a furrow opener, and a soil covering roller. At work, after artificial seedlings are raised, the seedlings are put into the feeding tube. When the feeding barrel moves to the top of the seedling guide tube, the valve under the feeding barrel opens. The seedling falls into the nursery tube by gravity. The seedlings are guided into the seedling ditch of the seedling opener through the inclined seedling guide tube, supported by the grid-type seedling raising support device. The seedlings are in an upright state, and then under the action of the overlying flow formed between the groove and the soil covering roller, the seedlings are covered and restrained to complete the planting process.

        Structural features:

        The beet transplanter uses a rotating cup feeder. The feeder is composed of multiple feeding cups, and the diameter of the feeding cup corresponds to the size of the seedling bowl. There is a valve under each feeding cup. The opening and closing of the valve is controlled by a cam mechanism. When the feeding cup moves to the top of the seedling guide tube, the valve opens to lower the seedlings, and then closes. During the closing period of the feeding cup, the seedlings can be fed, so that the artificial feeding time can be extended, the seedling can be raised continuously, and 60-70 seedlings can be thrown every minute. In the sugar beet transplanter, due to the limited frequency of artificial seedling throwing, the rotating cup type is used to feed the seedlings, and the insertion speed is 70 plants per minute. If it exceeds this speed, the operator will feel nervous, and the phenomenon of plant leakage will occur.

    Advantages of Manual fertilizer spreader:

        Good adaptability. It can be used with small four-wheel tractors commonly used in rural areas to form a low-cost two-row transplanter that is easy for farmers to accept. It is also suitable for transplanting corn, cotton, tobacco, rape and other crops, and can transplant naked seedlings and potted seedlings.