Maintenance Of Vegetable Planter

    1. Check the decompression handle of Corn Sheller. If the decompression handle of the tiller is not opened, it will be difficult to start the engine of the machine, which will affect the starting speed of the machine.
    2. Check the position of the engine oil. If the amount of engine oil is insufficient and fails to meet the normal demand standard, and there is not enough oil supply when the engine is started, the starting speed of the tiller will probably be relatively slow.
    3. Check whether the bearing of the crankshaft is damaged. If the damage exceeds the normal tolerance range, it will also affect the normal use of the machine.
    4. Check the cylinder liner of the machine. If the cylinder liner is strained, it will be difficult to start the machine.
      Maintenance of micro tillage machine

    Due to the harsh working environment of the tiller, maintenance is particularly important. During the work of the tiller, due to the friction and vibration of the parts and components, and the invasion of oil, mud and water, the parts are inevitably worn out; the connection is loose and corroded and aging. As a result, the technical status of the tiller has deteriorated, the power has been reduced, the fuel consumption has increased, the wear has accelerated, and the failures have continued to appear. In order to prevent the occurrence of the above situation, it is necessary to strictly implement the maintenance system of "prevention is more important than cure, and care is more important than repair".

    The maintenance of Vegetable Planter must be carried out in strict accordance with the maintenance cycle and content.