Problems Encountered When Vegetable Planter Driving

  • Measures to solve the abnormal driving of the micro tillage machine

       What should I do if I find that Corn Sheller is not driving back normally? At this time, we need to debug the reverse gear handle and cable. The following editor will introduce the debugging method of the reverse gear and cable wire of the tiller.
       When it is confirmed that the micro-tiller is not driving normally in the reverse direction, the reverse gear handle and cable should be debugged. Hold and release the reverse gear handle 2-3 times to confirm gearing. If it is abnormal, it should be re-debugged until it is qualified. When the tiller is running, loosen the reverse gear handle, and the reverse gear should return to position. There should be no abnormal noise of gear collision in the gearbox, otherwise the gears will be damaged.
    The micro tillage machine is more suitable for various operations in different areas such as greenhouses, vegetable fields, orchards, mountains, hills, etc., while solving the heavy physical strength of farmers. We sincerely welcome customers to choose our Vegetable Planter. We will let customers use them with confidence. Be satisfied!