The Diversity Of Corn Sheller

  • Low-density field crops cover a wide range of low-density arable land and vegetable crops to achieve inter-row planting. Such crops include sugar cane, potatoes and various leafy and root vegetables. These crops are of great significance for improving human diets, beverages and industrial production. Therefore, planting low-density field crops is actually a very important and profitable business.

    Since planting (or seeding) marks the actual beginning of the crop life cycle, this is a farm practice that is critical to managing low-density crop production. In order to manage properly from the beginning, farmers use different planters or Vegetable Planter. Generally speaking, each crop has its own farm management and machinery requirements. Therefore, obtaining the right agricultural machinery greatly facilitates one of the most stressful crop production stages. This is the beginning of the actual crop life cycle.


    Common features of all kinds of planting machines
    When describing planting machinery for low-density field crops, it is important to remember that these crops are very different. Some of them are sown, while others are planted or transplanted. In addition, every crop, every field, and every type of crop production has its own requirements for agricultural machinery. However, there are still some characteristics of planting machinery that are common to all the above categories. The design and production of each planting machine has the following functions:

    Open the soil in a ditch
    Measure seeds/seedlings at a specific ratio
    Transport the seeds/seedlings to the required depth
    Keep a certain distance between seeds/seedlings
    Cover the seeds/seedlings with soil.

    Various possibilities of planting machinery
    Today's agricultural technology is experiencing peaks related to its remarkable development, revealing special possibilities. However, we still live in a world where farms of less than 1 hectare account for 72% of all farms. Most of these small farmers do not know all the possibilities of modern planting machines. Unfortunately, many farmers around the world still use simple manual or animal-driven planting machines.

    In addition, there are machines for planting low-density field crops. The row planter, for example, deposits seeds into rows, thereby leaving space for planting between rows. In addition, the row planter can be used with many accessories for fertilizer or chemical applications.

    Another category including low-density field crop planters is no-tillage planters/planters. They differ in the purpose of the machine (seeding, planting or transplanting), as well as some additional accessories and properties. However, all no-tillage planters have one thing in common: they cut the soil and crop residues, while ditching and placing seeds or seedlings. After placing seeds or seedlings, another part of Corn Sheller closes the furrow.