How Does Corn Sheller Work?

  • The emergence of Corn Sheller has increased the development of agriculture, corn thresher manufacturers, and improved agricultural productivity, but many people do not know exactly how corn thresher works.

    The fuel supply system of the corn thresher includes two parts, a low-pressure oil circuit and a high-pressure oil circuit. When the diesel engine is working, the cylinder sucks in air. When the compression stroke is nearing the end, that is, close to the top dead center of compression, the diesel is sprayed into mist by the fuel injector. The cylinder, mixed with high temperature and high pressure gas, is called a combustible mixture. The smaller the oil droplets in the combustible mixture and the more evenly mixed with the air, the easier it is to burn, and the better the quality of the mixture. The combustible mixture The quality of the formation is mainly determined by the spray quality of the injector, the quality of the swirl when the air enters the cylinder and the shape of the combustion chamber. Having said so much, I believe that everyone has a partial understanding of the fuel supply system of the corn thresher. Finally, the engine must be equipped with an air filter to protect the air in the cylinder.

    Fully automatic corn thresher is the trend of agricultural development, which better avoids the waste of labor.


    Corn thresher has many advantages such as low price, high threshing efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. However, in the process of using, we must pay attention to the safety of electricity.


    1. Use wires and sockets that meet the standards. The motors, power cords and plugs used by Xingmin small corn thresher are in compliance with national safety standards. However, some users' home wires are not up to standard, the wire diameter is too thin, or the skin is damaged. These situations may cause safety hazards. For outdoor use, it is best to use waterproof and wear-resistant rubber sheathed cables for the power cord.


    1. Don't overload it. The matching motor of the new double-tube corn thresher is 1.1KW, and the working current is about 5A. Generally, the rated current of a household socket is 10A, which can be compatible with up to two corn threshers. Therefore, do not use multiple corn threshers in one socket.


    1. The user should understand the position of the main power switch, and immediately turn off the main switch once a problem is found.


    1. Do not insert or pull out the plug with wet hands, do not touch or probe the power socket or the inside of the motor with your fingers or other conductive objects.


    1. Unplug the power plug after using the corn thresher. When pulling out the plug, don't pull the wire forcefully to prevent it from being broken or the insulation layer is damaged and causing electric leakage. If the insulation of the wire is damaged, replace it with a new wire or wrap it with insulating tape.


    1. Do not disassemble Vegetable Planterat will. If a malfunction occurs, do not try to repair it by yourself, please contact the company's after-sales service personnel in time.