Knapsack Fertilizer Machine Application Introduction

    1. It is strictly forbidden to keep the key in place after the engine of Knapsack Fertilizer Machine is started, which may cause damage to the starter when the starter is energized for a long time.
    2. After the engine is turned off, the ignition switch should be turned off immediately to prevent the battery from discharging the excitation winding of the engine for a long time, which may damage the excitation winding and other components.
    3. When the generator is working, it is not allowed to ignite on the "+" armature connection post to check whether the generator is generating power, so as not to damage the generator and burn the wiring harness. When it is found that the generator is not generating electricity, the cause of the fault should be found out in time and eliminated. Long-term operation is not suitable.
    4. When the harvester stops working, the operator should pull out the starting key and turn off the main power switch.
    5. When operating in the field, start the Corn Sheller, and adjust the height of the header according to the height of the corn. When the return machine or recovery machine is working, slowly lower the return machine or recovery machine, and be careful not to touch the soil with the moving knife. From small to large, gradually reach the rated speed. Slowly drive into the work area at low speed and start the harvesting operation. When passing the ridge or field, the return machine or reclaimer and header should be raised, and sharp turns should be avoided.