Professionalism Of Knapsack Fertilizer Machine

  •    Corn is one of the most widely distributed crops in my country. When the corn is threshing, it is a more complicated step in the process of shredding. In the past, most of the cleaning diseases used the deconstruction method. After the centrifugal fan was blown on one side and threshing in one direction, the corn kernels were separated from the impurities. However, if the eyes are large, it is difficult to remove impurities such as eyes and corn beard. This separation method is relatively single, concentrated, and difficult to separate dispersed impurities. The corn coating, fluff, and dust trapped in the corn pellets after household Corn Sheller threshing are easy to prevent, leading to early wear of the wine body, and the impurities are easy to trap corn after separation. After threshing, the corn content is high. In this case, the prior art also has various solutions such as increasing the speed of the fan and applying side air devices. Although it has improved, the effect is mediocre.
    Aiming at the shortcomings of the prior art, the utility model provides a novel corn thresher sorting trough rod cleaning device. The threshing machine company uses the sorting device to classify the threshed corn particles multiple times, and classifies the corn coating, fluff, snow, and small corn. Impurities such as cores and dust are classified. The perfusion blower is collected and sucked through the connecting channel to completely separate the corn and impurities. Through the splitting of the splitting device and the strong suction of the perfusion fan, impurities can be effectively removed, the above-mentioned shortcomings of the original separation device can be solved, and the cleanliness of the corn can be ensured to a greater extent.
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