Corn Sheller High Performance

  •   The structure function of Manual Corn Seeder and the invention of transplanting machine greatly save farmers' time and improve farming efficiency. Now let's talk about the use of medicinal material transplanting machine.

       Transplanting machine is divided into: feeder, seedling guide tube, seedling support device, opener, soil compressor and other working parts. Each part has its function:

       medicinal material transplanting machine is composed of planting units, which can be used with different tractors. Before the medicinal material transplanter works, artificial seedlings and sorting are required, just like a washing machine has a washing bucket. The feeder has a feeding barrel. After the seedlings are divided into feeding barrels, the feeding barrel rotates, and there is a valve below the feeding barrel. When it moves to the top of the seedling guide tube, the valve will open and the seedlings will receive soil. The impact of gravity falls into the inclined seedling guide tube. The seedling guide tube will guide the seedling to the seedling trench that has been dug by the trencher. When there is no support, the seedling support device will fall. Straighten the lower seedlings to make them stand upright without skew or skewing. A soil flow will be formed between the Corn Sheller and the soil covering roller to cover the soil. This completes the transplantation of seedlings.