Corn Sheller Security Application

  •      In order to ensure the smooth use of the fully automatic corn sheller and ensure safe use, the following five points should be kept in mind when using the fully automatic self-propelled Corn Sheller: level the four feet of the equipment to ensure stability and firmness. In order to reduce vibration; if the motor of the automatic self-propelled corn thresher is used as the power, be sure to check whether the power cord is firmly connected, wrapped tightly and installed with the ground wire; continuously and evenly feed the corn cobs, and the feeding amount should be appropriate. Intermittent feeding will affect production efficiency. Excessive feeding will cause the machine to jam and overload operation, which will cause motor burnout and damage to equipment; the water content of the threshed corn cobs of the automatic self-propelled corn thresher must not be More than 20%, the water content is too high, and the normal threshing effect cannot be achieved; before the automatic self-propelled corn thresher is finished, the input corn cobs are completely removed and discharged, and then the machine will stop at no load. It is forbidden to stop with load.


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