Introduction To The Characteristics Of Knapsack Fertilizer Mach

  • What are the characteristics of Knapsack Fertilizer Machine?
    Knapsack Fertilizer Machine is divided into medium, large and small. The functions of the small livestock management machine are as follows.
    One of the characteristics is economy, efficiency and practicality.
    The second feature is small size, light weight, flexible operation, safe and convenient. Especially suitable for use in greenhouses, rice fields, orchards, vineyards, terraces, slopes and narrow spaces.
    The third feature is its versatility. Farmers can make a lot of money by changing the tools used in various agricultural activities (ridge cultivation, drilling, agriculture, etc.).
    The small lawn mower is a multifunctional agricultural machine that can replace various operating parts with a universal frame, and can perform operations such as seeding, tillage, soil tillage, top dressing and spraying. Installing special tools for tea gardens can fertilize tea gardens, loosen soil, weeds and curved ground, and save energy and time.
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