Increased Production Efficiency Of Corn Sheller

  • Corn Sheller is a relatively common agricultural equipment on the market, with strong functions and stable performance, which has won the recognition of many users. However, during the operation of Corn Sheller, problems may also occur. For example, due to uneven feeding and other reasons, it causes blockage and affects output. In order to help users solve this problem, hongxiang Manual Corn Seeder factory will briefly introduce the reasons for the blockage of the corn stripper and the corresponding solutions.
      1. Chain: The two sprockets do not conflict, and the chain is too loose.
      2. The bottom of the front hopper of the fully automatic Corn Sheller is too close to the ground, causing the large angle iron to scrape the ground.
      3. The clutch is too loose. Loosen the U-shaped clutch a few threads to solve the problem.
       4. If the automatic Corn Sheller does not rotate, check whether the clutch is too loose, adjust the clutch lever to make the clutch tighter.
      5. Large belt deviation: adjust the screws on both sides of the roller under the front hopper, and the upper belt deviation, adjust the upper left tile of the conveying trough.
       6. The big belt is too loose, adjust the roller upwards to reinstall the big belt.
      Only when the Corn Sheller clogging problem is solved, the threshing efficiency will be higher and the performance will be more stable. If you encounter the situation mentioned above while using Corn Sheller, you can refer to the above solutions and deal with it yourself.