The Focus Of Knapsack Fertilizer Machine Promotion

  •    Sweet potato, also known as sweet potato, is planted in a large area and widely distributed in my country. Different varieties have different planting agronomy, and the same variety and different regions have different planting agronomy. The diversity of agronomic requirements is the difficulty of mechanized transplanting of sweet potatoes, and the promotion of Knapsack Fertilizer Machine lies in economic benefits.

       The whole planting process of sweet potato can be divided into four steps: soil preparation, planting, management and harvesting. Among them, land preparation includes deep ploughing, rotary tillage, fertilization, ridging, etc.; planting includes transplanting potato seedlings and watering; management includes weeding, ridging and top dressing; harvesting includes grape cutting and harvesting.

    In the stage of land preparation, the average operation cost of deep tillage per mu is RMB 40; the average operation cost of rotary tillage is RMB 30; the cost of organic fertilizer application is RMB 30, and there is no fertilizer cost; the cost of compound fertilizer application can be operated at the same time as rotary tillage, and the cost is higher Not calculated separately; the ridging fee is 30 yuan, which is generally completed at the same time as the rotary tillage, and is not calculated separately. Therefore, the total cost of breeding is about 70 yuan per mu.

      In the planting stage, without using the Knapsack Fertilizer Machine, the average labor for planting seedlings per person per day is 0.8 mu, and the salary varies from place to place. Calculated at 80 yuan/day, the transplanting cost per mu is 100 yuan. In North China, drip irrigation is the main irrigation method. The manual paving cost is 20 yuan/mu, which can be used in the ridging process. This fee is not calculated separately.

      In the management stage, weeding is a relatively complicated task, and the cost is more difficult to calculate. In some areas, weeding requires a lot of manpower. The sweet potatoes grown in the northern regions are transplanted on mulch, which solves the problem of weeding. Ridge support is not carried out in some areas, and the operation cost is 40 yuan/mu. The cost of top dressing is estimated to be 20 yuan/mu.

      In the harvest stage, most areas of our country have realized the mechanized grape picking, not counting the labor cost.

       At present, the area of ​​sweet potato planted in Jiangnan is smaller than that of the Yellow River Basin. The above is the cost of manual transplantation. Of course, there are some differences between regions

      The characteristic of Corn Sheller is to increase planting efficiency and reduce labor, thereby reducing costs and increasing benefits. In addition, mechanized planting can also increase planting quality and yield, thereby increasing income. In addition, growth period and planting agronomy are important factors affecting the yield of commercial potatoes, and mechanized transplanting has many advantages. Since machine planting is much faster than manual planting, mechanized planting can shorten the planting cycle and increase the growth time of sweet potatoes, which also means that it can increase the yield of sweet potatoes.