Introduction To The Busy Use Of Knapsack Fertilizer Machine

  • Right now, it's the end of April, the busy farming season has arrived, and Knapsack Fertilizer Machine as a good helper for our farmer friends inevitably brings us a lot of convenience, but also needs our extra care. Only when we treat it seriously and meticulously, can he serve us more friendly, cultivate a lower land for us, and sow and fertilize us. Isn't that the truth? So, in this busy period of farming, there are many things that we need to pay attention to. So, what are the things that need to be paid attention to?

    From the perspective of our past years of summarizing the use of the pastoral management machine, there are no more than several situations, which we pay special attention to. First of all, after the one-year period is corrected, whether it can operate normally. When it is transported to the field, should we check it in advance? Sometimes, it looks good when put up, but when it is used out, Sometimes it's possible that something of this or that kind of glitch occurred. Secondly, after a long time of non-use, the lubricating oil inside has solidified and aged, and the changed one can be replaced. Otherwise, it will cause difficulty and unsmooth operation of the bearing, which will not only reduce efficiency, but also Will cause more rapid wear of gears.

    The above are some aspects carefully managed by our Corn Sheller manufacturer for you. Please pay special attention to it. Please pay attention to the majority of new and old users.