The Long Development History Of Corn Sheller

  •   Manual Fertilizer Seeder, Corn Sheller and other farmland machinery have been around for several years. How to play a good role in promoting the development of agriculture and rural economy is the foundation of our agricultural economy. With the continuous efforts of the central government's decision-making and the active coordination of local governments, it has played a good leading role in the construction and development of many modern agricultural demonstration zones.
       Then, how should Manual Fertilizer Seeder develop in modern agricultural demonstration zones and economic zones and play a leading role in farmland machinery? A few years ago in my country, the Ministry of Agriculture proposed that the demonstration area should be enlarged, play a leading role, and highlight the leading products. Use Manual Fertilizer Seeder, ditch tiller and other machinery according to local conditions to actively improve production conditions and promote agriculture and rural areas. The transformation of economic development mode fundamentally innovates and realizes the transformation of agricultural management system.
    Since 2010, since my country began to strictly manage and control the area of ​​cultivated land, the trend of tight cultivated land area has eased. At the same time, coupled with the use of advanced agricultural machinery such as Manual Fertilizer Seeder, my country's wheat, corn, and The output of its other crops has been in a good situation of steadily increasing. With the arrival of 2018, relevant departments of the Chinese government continue the good situation of the previous years and vigorously develop new types of arable land machinery such as Manual Fertilizer Seeder, trenching and soil cultivation machines, and strive to achieve the national modern agricultural leading industry production capacity within five years. , And at the same time realize the comprehensive development of agricultural mechanization, and finally realize the status of an advanced agricultural country in the world.