How Corn Sheller Works

  •        Large Corn Sheller, including locomotive, threshing device installed on the locomotive frame, screw conveying device connected to the inlet of the threshing device, a telescopic mechanism is installed between the screw conveying device and the frame, and the feeding port of the screw conveying device is installed Collecting device, the discharge port of the threshing device is equipped with a metering device. A shovel plate is installed on one side of the tray, which can feed the stacked corn shovel into the tray, and the scraper shaft is driven by the conveying shaft through the bevel gear transmission mechanism Rotate, the scraper shaft drives the scraper to rotate around the center of the tray, and the corn on the tray is pushed into the through hole corresponding to the hopper set on the tray. The car-mounted Corn Sheller of this technology walks and shovels materials by its own power. , While carrying out mechanical feeding, saving manpower and reducing costs; installing a steelyard at the discharge port of the threshing device can hang the container of corn on the steelyard, and weighing while loading, saving manpower and accurate weighing save time.

          In order to reduce the labor intensity of the operator and reduce the unremoved rate and the crushing rate, from the partial components of the thresher to the design of the Manual Corn Seeder, from the structure optimization to the performance analysis, the main components are calculated, checked, simulated, and debugged. The single drum Corn Sheller was designed and manufactured. The thresher adds a power unit and a blowing device, and improves and optimizes the threshing drum. The optimized single drum Corn Sheller has a good threshing effect.