Steps To Use Corn Sheller

  • One,
    Corn Sheller feeding device back corn ears
       1. Reason: The instantaneous feeding amount is too large.
       2. Sweeping method: feed in an appropriate amount evenly.
       2. The drum is blocked
       1. Reason: The adjustment board at the end of the drum is small.
       2. Cleaning method: adjust the roller conditioning board larger or increase the separation outlet at the same time.
       Three, the removal rate is unqualified
      1. Reasons: the grain moisture content is too large, the drum conditioning plate is too large, the drum rotation is low, the nail teeth are severely worn, and the feeding amount is uneven.
       2. Cleaning method: dry corn, adjust the drum conditioning plate, increase the drum speed, replace the spikes, and feed evenly.
       Four, more entrainment
       1. Reason: The drum outlet is large, the drum speed is high, and the separation chamber outlet is large.
       2. Cleaning method: adjustment
    Knapsack Fertilizer Machine roller end conditioning plate and separation conditioning plate to make their outlet smaller; others can reduce the speed.
       Five, the election is not clean