The Life Span Of Corn Sheller

  • Sometimes I hear some users complain about the short service life of Corn Sheller. In fact, I don’t know if you have serious thinking about why Knapsack Fertilizer Machine has not reached the service life stated by the merchants. One of the very important factors is improper operation and daily routine. Inadequate maintenance work is related. So, what kind of wrong operations have caused the life of our Knapsack Fertilizer Machine to shorten?
    It stands to reason that every time after our Knapsack Fertilizer Machine is cultivated, after each season is completed, we should pay attention to removing the dirt, weeds, oil and other attachments on the tiller. At the same time, check and tighten the bolts of the fasteners and pull the starting rope. Keep it closed and cover it with film or other things to prevent rusting from the sun and rain. Therefore, it is very scientific and reasonable to clean up all the messy things immediately after each use, especially after the cultivation is completed. If you fail to do this, it will inevitably lead to some failures in shortening the service life. .