Hognxiang Corn Sheller Service

  • Whether Corn Sheller is good or not, we can’t just look at the appearance, but the internal stuff. We have to consider whether such a beautiful machine can meet our requirements. So it’s important to look good, but it must also be practical. To belittle it, but when designing the machine, we noticed good-looking and utility models. In any case, we must design equipment that customers will not hate at first sight, or even equipment that they like. Therefore, our hognxiang agricultural machinery equipment, It can not only achieve the efficiency and productivity you expected, but also the appearance will make you like it.


      Corn Sheller improves our service from three aspects:


      The first level: to ensure customer satisfaction. To achieve this goal, a series of measures have been taken in terms of terminal customer training, service timeliness, spare parts supply timeliness, information support, etc., to protect the rights and interests of customers, so that customers can enjoy high-quality after-sales service and achieve customer satisfaction.


       The second level: family service. The off-peak season of the agricultural machinery industry is obvious. In the busy farming season, we will provide customers with a full range of high-quality door-to-door services in accordance with the service commitment. The vehicle is always in a *working state; at the same time, it uses the *information system in the industry to provide customers with information support, holiday greetings and other "3+5+1" information services in the form of SMS and telephone return visits.


       The third level: Manual Fertilizer Seeder value service. Provide customers with "nanny service" and "housekeeping service", tailor-made butlers for customers, manage the entire life cycle of customers' products, and provide personal and considerate after-sales service.