How To Park Seed Planter

  • If the equipment is not paid attention to when parking, it will not only affect the efficiency of the equipment but also affect the service life of the product. Let's talk about the serious consequences of improper parking of the Seed Planter:
     1. Parked in the open air, wind, rain, snow, frost and freezing, long time will cause paint peeling, rust spots, and mechanical parts freezing, which greatly reduces the service life of the product;
     2. Some rubber and plastic products are hardened, aged, and embrittled, which not only reduces the efficiency of threshing, but also increases the cost of threshing for users due to the purchase of wearing parts, which makes the benefits not maximized;
     3. The increase in maintenance rate results in a greatly reduced threshing time to users
     4. Increase the hidden danger of safety accidents and shorten the service life of agricultural machinery.
          How to improve the service life of Corn Thresher is a question that many people want to consult. This is often the case in the Corn Thresher market, but the same product has a different service life! Incorrect use and operation will also shorten the life of Corn Thresher. In fact, the most important factor affecting life is not only the quality of the product but also the maintenance method of the user.
    In the countryside, you can see some large-scale Corn Thresher and other agricultural machinery stored on the side of the road. They are parked no matter where it is windy or rainy. The whole body is muddy, and some "missing arms and legs" are scarred. Although some are covered with simple plastic rain cloth, it is difficult to withstand the drizzle in spring, the scorching sun in summer, the wind sweeping leaves in autumn, and the frost and wind in winter. Therefore, the large-scale Corn Thresher - hongxaing agricultural machinery reminds farmers and friends that we must pay attention to the daily maintenance of our large-scale Corn Thresher.