Replace Seed Planter Parts In Time

  • Corn Sheller is now an indispensable helper for farmers and friends, and it is also a relatively common agricultural equipment. However, personal safety injuries are caused by improper operation every year, so the safe production operation of Corn Sheller is very important.

    1. Pay attention to the operation of Corn Sheller: whether it is operating normally, and make sure that it is in production after normal;
    2. When Corn Sheller is produced, try to avoid direct feeding by hand, or put your hands into Corn Sheller;
    3. Avoid putting metal or other sundries into Corn Sheller by accident, causing safety hazards to Corn Sheller production;
    4. After the production is completed, cut off the power first, and clean and inspect the Corn Sheller to ensure that the Corn Sheller article comes from: There are other sundries inside;
    5. Timely replacement of vulnerable parts inside Seed Planter.