Corn Thresher Plays An Important Role

  • If you have a large garden, you can use two vegetable Seed Planter to simplify planting and help save a lot of seeds: thorn planter and walk-behind seed planter.

    Corn Thresher is a precision device that can arrange each seed in a row along a given pitch. When moving along the row, the machine opens the soil to a given depth, drops the seeds and covers it. The machine presses the soil into the seeds. The machine has a front wheel that drives a plate mechanism or seed metering cylinder (a structure called a brake shoe) that can open the soil and put seeds in the soil. It also has a disc and chain that can close the device. In addition, its rear is equipped with wheels to ensure that the seeds are firmly in contact with the soil, which is essential for effective germination.

    To plant a quarter acre of crops (such as peas or corn), you need a heavy-duty planting machine that can meet the requirements. On the other hand, when planting smaller seeds into smaller gardens, you need some cheap and light planters.

    Compared with the hand-held vegetable seed planter, this method is easier to use. The machine is equipped with a seed conveying pipe and a seed metering device. There is also an operator's foot that can close and press the seed. Although these machines seem simple, many corn grown in the United States use this equipment.

    Depending on the type of soil on your farm, the physical condition of the soil, the size of your garden, and other factors, working with Seed Planter can be frustrating or happy. Light planters are ideal for heavy and light soils under the right conditions.