What Parameters Are Involved In Rice Planting Machine

  •     What parameters are involved in the customization of Rice Planting Machine? Medicine For those who want to customize Seeding Machine, it is very important to confirm the relevant parts and components of the equipment. In this regard, friends who have questions can take this opportunity to take a look with our company.

    Answer: The size of Seeding Machine is relatively diversified. For this, manufacturers can customize according to the actual needs of customers. Generally, the parameters involved include: ridge surface width, ridge bottom, ridge height, ridge distance, etc., specific needs What kind of function can be confirmed by friendly communication with the manufacturer.

      If it cannot be achieved, the manufacturer will make it clear. In this regard, when confirming the customization needs, first think about what you need.

       This kind of Seeding Machine has a wide range of uses, including fertilization, ridge formation, drip irrigation, and leveling needs are all achievable. The corresponding box configuration can be selected according to the tractor horsepower section. Generally, the configuration is determined according to the tractor output shaft. The function of the equipment is relatively complete and its adaptability is relatively strong.

       Small expansion:

       Transplanting is a technology that saves water, increases production, and preserves soil, which is conducive to the sustainable development of agriculture. Can enhance the utilization of light energy. Ridge cultivation can open furrows and ridges, and can change the micro-topography of the field, thereby increasing the surface area and expanding the light-receiving area of ​​the field, so as to increase the solar energy absorption efficiency and increase the soil temperature.

       is also conducive to the use of mechanical weeding to reduce the dependence of crops on chemical herbicides and reduce agricultural chemical pollution.

       With the above introduction, I think you should have a basic understanding of which parameters are involved in the customization of Rice Planting Machine, and I hope it will be helpful to you. Follow-up friends who want to know about Seeding Machine equipment or want to buy Seeding Machine equipment can consult Taizhou Hongxiang Agricultural Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. and will serve you wholeheartedly.